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Get a custom roadmap for your business. Spend time with your guide to get everything out of your head and into action. Your guide will help you sort it out and set priorities so you know what you should be working on to reach the vision you've laid out for your business.

Process Systems

Build systems and processes with your guide. When you're working on a challenging project outside of your skillset, your guide can speed up the process by helping you to build out tools or systems to implement into your business

Skill Building

Develop core business skills. We have resources and tools to help you, and your team, learn skills that will help you grow your business. Your guide will help you identify where you might have a gap and will help you develop skills when you need them.

Action Hours

Save time to focus on growing your business. Sometimes you don't have time to build something you discussed in a meeting. You and your guide can decide to use the action hours, in which your guide can build out tools, systems or a specific deliverable before your next meeting. This will give you a change to inject it into your business faster.

Phone a friend

Share your ideas and your concerns. When running a business, you might not have another person to bounce ideas off of and you need a friend as a sounding board. Use your guide as a partner with whom you can share ideas and gain an outside perspective about business decisions. It's business therapy

We're not consultants; we are Yodas™

At The Prime Alchemy Group Corp., we believe in offering small business owners a custom plan for their business. Every owner has unique challenges, experience and goals.  We are passionate about helping owners develop both personally and professionally to achieve financial and business goals... A business that will grow and thrive. That why we call our team members Guides; part coach, part consultant & part mentor.

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