Our basic training is the 3-hour game-based workshop which lets participants really develop their entrepreneurial muscles. After a 20 minute intro with game instructions, participants “head out” on a 90-minute immersive adventure of playing the FreshBiz board game. The goal is for them to win the game, and to do so, they’ll need to collaborate, come up with creative ideas and solutions, spot opportunities, smartly manage their resources, and make things happen.


Each player goes through their own intimate personal process on how they play life and business, while the facilitators in the room support the gameplay and collect notes they will use later for the debriefing. Before the end of the game, the facilitators get more involved in presenting creative solutions and possible insights through coaching. This gives participants a chance to try new things and shift their strategies, in addition to giving them valuable new insights.

For sure, the most powerful part of the workshop is the last hour.
This is the debriefing and wrap-up, and of course, it takes place once the game time is up. Participants get to share their insights from the game; what they learned about themselves and the world of business. AHA moments include participants realizing that they could have played collaboratively rather than automatically playing competitively because of old habits, beliefs, and ego or participants finding themselves stuck in the game because they were blind to the all their non-monetary resources…until a trainer showed them what’s possible.

The workshop concludes with taking a deeper look at the game dimensions and how they specifically relate to life and business, breaking down old beliefs and ideas, and then presenting new game-changing ways to think and act in business. Now the business mechanics and entrepreneurial thinking have been gamified, participants are now unlocked and unleashed in their thinking about what’s possible for them.
After taking tens of thousands of people through this specific workshop, we can tell you that it definitely has the power to completely shift how people think, communicate, and act. So let’s play!

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G. Reed, President of Dr. G on Leadership

During the coaching sessions, I discovered that Marie has an innate ability to meet you where you are while bringing out the best in you. I discovered that consulting in leadership and information technology offered me a niche place in the consulting world. What I learned from Marie is how I can best combine all of my education, work experiences, and skills into a consulting business. Marie can walk you through a step-by-step process to assist you towards your goals through conversations, assignments, inspiration, and encouragement. I particularly remember, Marie made this process easy to understand, and I wanted to glean more from Marie’s wealth of knowledge and experiences. I particularly remember telling Marie that she should write a book for the masses on a step-by-step process on how to start your coaching and consulting business. 

T. Gill, President of Trudy Gill Leadership and Development

Without Planning101 Group I would not have been able to create a plan for streamlining my operations and increasing my revenue. Because of them, I have increased my profits by 150% in just 6 months.  The other special attribute of Marie is that she listens.  Her answers are not cookie-cutter pat answers.  She wants to know what issues the business owners are facing in their mind and she seeks to meet them where they are.  In this way, she works her magic to get to the core of the challenges so she can better assist them in co-creating their solutions!  "