There’s nothing more frustrating than watching good people not able to make their dreams come true.


The Alchemist Business System is for Business Owners and  Entrepreneurs that want to get support to create the business and life they really want
Soon you'll be able to ...
• Get Past your Poor Money Relationship into a Great Money Relationship
• Create Systems for Pricing, Proximity, Process and Profit 
• Create your system that speaks to your dream client! 
• Build your company your way and get the revenue you want!

Becoming an Alchemist, you’ll have the tools, momentum, support, and systems to create income for your business life!


Our Service:

The Alchemist Business System


PRIVATE Discovery Session 
As soon as you enroll, you’ll be given access to the calendar link to schedule your private Discovery Session.  We strongly recommend that you schedule this session at your earliest availability!  We’ll use this session to understand your business needs and customize path so you’re focusing on the material that is MOST important for YOU now. 

LIVE Program Modules
Alchemist Business System is broken down into 8 core modules.  Within each module, you’ll receive a live class and the recorded training a week later, a workbook, and an action guide where you will find quick reference tools to help you implement effectively! None of that recording let''s wait for answers later. You are own with Marie-Genevieve Live! 

GROWING Library of Emerging Trends & Training
Now more than ever it’s imperative to be in the know on the emerging trends, techniques, and business best practices so you’re always ready for the future.

EASY TO USE Business Development Tools  
We keep things simple with the tools you need to create systems quickly! 

You will help with your Unique Alchemist Value Proposition UAVP

How to create your Alchemist Value Letter

How to build your Unique Roadmap

and much more!

LIFETIME Membership 
Yes!!!  Lifetime Membership access to the program materials!  You pay your subscription you will have access to our growing library and support business doesn't end, so why should your support?!

If you are struggling to be innovative and achieving all your desired results, contact us today to learn how we can help you create the system you need to grow your business.




  • Getting to the heart of your money mindset.

    1 hr

    Part of a package
  • You know where you want to go but how do you get there?

    1 hr

  • 1 hr

    Book A Speaker
  • Business system Framework

    Started Aug 4, 2020

    Membership $35/MTS

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