Ten Event Design Questions

The key to event design success is being able to understand and translate your style, ideas and vision into something you will love and remember for years.

Here are ten questions to ask yourself before you start designing your event:

1. “What are five words you would use to describe your event ?”

2. “What are your favorite colors?”

3. “What are your least favorite colors?”

4. “Where do you shop for clothes?”

5. “Where do you shop for home decor?”

6. “What are your hobbies and interests?”

7. “What are your favorite flowers”

8. “What are your least favorite flowers?”

9. “How important are flowers and decor?”

10. “What are your favorite restaurants and types of food?”

Bonus: “What type of music do you listen to?”

As you talk through these questions and answers with your partner you will gain valuable insight into what you both really want. Your next step is to create inspiration boards, choose the color palette, and create a design file.

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G. Reed, President of Dr. G on Leadership

During the coaching sessions, I discovered that Marie has an innate ability to meet you where you are while bringing out the best in you. I discovered that consulting in leadership and information technology offered me a niche place in the consulting world. What I learned from Marie is how I can best combine all of my education, work experiences, and skills into a consulting business. Marie can walk you through a step-by-step process to assist you towards your goals through conversations, assignments, inspiration, and encouragement. I particularly remember, Marie made this process easy to understand, and I wanted to glean more from Marie’s wealth of knowledge and experiences. I particularly remember telling Marie that she should write a book for the masses on a step-by-step process on how to start your coaching and consulting business. 

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Without Planning101 Group I would not have been able to create a plan for streamlining my operations and increasing my revenue. Because of them, I have increased my profits by 150% in just 6 months.  The other special attribute of Marie is that she listens.  Her answers are not cookie-cutter pat answers.  She wants to know what issues the business owners are facing in their mind and she seeks to meet them where they are.  In this way, she works her magic to get to the core of the challenges so she can better assist them in co-creating their solutions!  "