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Why Get a 'Side Hustle'?

Does this sound familiar "I have no financial plan" " I have no saving account" "I am living paycheck to paycheck."

If the answer is yes, I bet you have been thinking about how you can make more money. No, robbing a bank or winning the lottery are out. :) This is about getting a 'side hustle' you love and can make your money. ( Side Hustle: Millennial term for second Job or business)

Yes, you can own a business you enjoy doing and getting the extra cash without having a business degree or $10K start-up funds in cash.

How? You need a goal, plan, and the drive to make it happen. So let's look at drive. We call it your why ( from Simon Sinek ), Why do you want to be in business? No, the answer is not because of the money! Okay, Yes, you want to make money, but your why is more than that. It's the thing you want to put out into the world more than anything else. It's that secret dream you only tell yourself and you are scare share. It's the thing that makes you smile when you think about it or do it.

Here are Five questions you need to ask yourself. Be honest!!!!

1. What is the thing you love to do, no matter what is happening in your life.

2. If you didn't have to worry about money, what would you be doing right now?

3. When your friends and family talk about you, what is it they say you are the best at?

4. If you could find a way to make money at (fill in the blank) ___________ you would love to do it.

5. What would it honestly take to get started?

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