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Why Try?- Food For Thought

We hear all the time how we only fail if we don’t try. It’s hard to pick yourself up and keep trying over and over without success. But if you forget about what won’t work and focus on what you know will work, you will be successful.

Some of the greatest ideas in history, the average person couldn’t image them working. It takes one person to realize anything is possible if you have faith. There is something to be said about perseverance. It takes a strong will and nerves of steel to be persistent. You have to have passion for what you are doing to really follow through no matter what is happening.

The truth is most people don’t feel passionate about what they are doing in life, so it is easy to give up. You have to really feel passionate about what your doing no mater what other people will ( not might, because they will ) say to you.

So remember when you are about to give up all hope this quote from Edison: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Today’s exercise is about start over. What does that mean? Try that hobby you gave up on few years ago, again or work on that book you keep starting and stopping. Re-apply for that dream job you didn’t get last time. Go back to school and try getting that degree you always wanted. That room in your house you want to decorate, just go for it! Whatever your goal was/is try it again. This time don’t give up until you are successful!

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