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Making An Emotional Connection

Emotional Connections in business

Why is it important to make an emotional connection with your clients and staff? Because human beings are emotional beings. No matter how much we want to be like * “Mr. Spock” we are 100% Human. 🙂

When you think about how to connect with your customers, think about this: ” When you buy something do you feel good about buying from people you don’t like? Do you buy from people you feel don’t have your best interest at heart? I know sometimes you have to buy from people you don’t like because they are the only one selling that particular thing you need. But most of us don’t feel good about it. Do you make sure others know you had no choice? Do you tell people how you didn’t like them?

Now think about your job, think about people you worked for that you felt had your best interest at heart.. Did you work hard for them? Most of us would say, yes. Because we felt an emotional connection to those people.

How do you get that emotional connection? 5 simple ways

Be honest with people

if you can’t do something or can do something .. Tell them. If you competitor does it better, tell your client but also tell them why you will work hard for them. What makes you different from your competitor without bashing your competitor. Even if they don’t buy from you today, they will tomorrow, because they will remember you were honest with them.

Work as a servant leader

When you deal with your staff or customers don’t think about what they can do for you; think about what you can do for them. People can feel when you are really working for them and not against them.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Remember when your mum told you that one? 🙂 She was right, when you put yourself in someone else shoes, you see the world in their eyes. It gives you a better understanding of where they are coming from. It's that whole empathy thing.

Have fun.

When you enjoy what you do, others will enjoy being around you. Life is short; have some fun! Laugh, Play at work! Companies that laugh and play and have fun are companies that are successful. Because they bring out the best in people.

Remember even *Data’s goal was to be human.

*If you have never seen Star Trek look it up

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