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7 Great Books for New Leaders

Leadership is a skill. How many times have you heard that? We know!!! Okay, now do something about it!! You have to build skills just like you build muscle! Our Summer book list is a great list for someone that wants to lead teams.

  1. Mindset by Carol Dweck

  2. Drive The suprising truth about what motivates us by Daniel Pink

  3. Find your Why: A practical guide for discovery by Simon Sinek

  4. The Five Dysfunctions of a team by Patrick Lencioni

  5. Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni

  6. Getting things done: The art of Sress-free Productivity by David Allen

  7. The work of leaders: How Vision, Alignment, and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead by Barry Davis and Mark Scullard

Normal we would give you a brief summary of each book, but this time we want you to do some homework. Jump to amazon and check them out!

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