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Creating a Customer Experience Solution

Nothing is more frustrating than missing an opportunity to connect with prospective customers. Planning101 Group has been approached to help clients this issue, and although every client is unique, each customer solution follows our process designed to maximize our client’s employee skill to create success.

Our client needed help managing its customer experience. After intensive research, the Planning101 team worked with their team to create a solution that was successful because it engaged the team and they felt ownership of the strategy. After conducting Learning, discovery and strategy meetings with the client, we merged our and their teams’ abilities with their needs and devised a plan with them project success.

Through the whole process the client reviewed our plan and offered their feedback, and we made all necessary adjustments as quickly as possible. We designed and developed the solution while teaming with the client, ensuring a solution was what the team needed and would be able to quickly learn and understand. Our results fit their expectations precisely.

Since implementation, we’ve worked closely with the client and have met each request, building a practical customer-centric program that can be and is applicable throughout their business. We helped the client turn a weakness into a strength, all by listening to their needs and helping the create a plan that they can execute on.

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