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Do you have the tools you need to lead your team?

Join Our experts at in Minneapolis, Minnesota for a full-day Leadership training with an emphasis on providing you the tools you need.  Leaders will explore the ways in which they can use the theories they know in action!  The goal is simply getting the tools you need for Monday Morning!

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Personal Leadership Alchemy

Before I can Lead others I need to manage myself!


How am I branding myself and the Team

Team Leadership Alchemy

How can I serive my team 

Pamela Enz

The CEO of Casting Vision and is an expert in Visual meetings and Everything DiSC. Her company is based in Min

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M.G. Pawlak

The CEO of Planning101 Group she is an expert in Team Stragey.  She is based in the Chicagoland Area, but speaks areound the country. 

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