Business Systems

I know what it's like to be a business owner struggling to get up and running. I would look at all the great influencers and following their advice.  But how do invest in my business while I am trying to build it?  Then I started to create systems for myself and they worked.  I shared my systems with friends and friends of friends and it worked for them too.  SWEET!

But how do I help more people? By offering my system to them but not for thousands of dollars. You are like me when I started, I couldn't afford $5000, 10,000, or $15, 0000 system. Heck, let's be honest I couldn't afford $1000!  But I needed help and I got the money together and worked with a great mentor and coach that helped me and give me the spark to create the system that has helped others.

Due to the impact of the current economy, we have decided to support small business owners and entrepreneurs in a different way.

For 4 months during the beginning of the crisis, I was giving the system pro-bono to people that would pay it forward to others or donated to cause that helped others.  Now I want to support you by offering it to you for a fee. One lesson I learned very early on, if you give services away people don't see the value of the service and they don't use it. But if you have "skin in the game" you are willing to do the work that is needed to be successful.

Our Business Alchemy Systems Program is a live and on-demand service that will give you the tools you need to create the business and life you really want.

One of the most significant barriers is answering this question, " How do I pay for the program?"

First, we lowered the price for 2020. Then, we have made it a subscription-based program that gives you the flexibility to pay as you go. If you need to stop for a month we will hold your spot for you. 

We have to help each other now more than ever. So if you want to learn more about our ​System School For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners check out our Services page. 

If you want to support a friend or family member with a gift of education click here


If you are looking for services like Copywriting, learning sales, or Webdesign we have some great people we can refer you to.