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We are an Organizational Health Development ™ (OHD) Practice that believes a company's most important asset is its  PEOPLE.  


 Our Service is for people who believe teams are the way organizations and business get great results.

Our unique methodology not only challenges the norm but also helps to move your teams away from being passive listeners by encouraging them to actively contribute by communicating in an entirely new way.


  • Team Leaders, that wanted to improve themselves so that they create better results?

  • Teams that want to work together and make a change in the world.

  • Team Leaders that want to build cohesive teams

  • People, that care about the work they do.

  • People, that come to work with creative ideas and innovation as a mindset.

  • Strategies that got executed.


We focus on team leaders and their teams.


If you believe you have to focus on the team as well as the team leader we are the right fit! 





Our Mission


Our mission is to create better workplaces for companies that believe their teams are important. We are dedicated to helping change-minded leaders to create the ecosystems that people want to work in. Why? Because we know we can be a force for positive change in the world.

We believe that businesses, not governments, change the world.  And when we provide the core skills team leaders and their teams need to positively impact their companies from the inside out, the effects are beyond measure.

Achieving this mission requires a 100% COMMITTED to step into creating real change. Are you ready?


Our Team


 Standing for something bigger than ourselves


Our Tenets*

 (Our promise to our Team, Vendors, Strategic Partners, and Clients Partners)

Model, Inspire, Nurture, Dream


  • *Special thanks to LDM for their inspiration


Our Brand Promises


  • Robust, BEST-in-class team development content built from real-world experience, for real-world results.

  • Interactive experience

  • Delivering what we say we’ll deliver 

  • Help you create a better workplace for everyone on your team

  • Tell you the truth even if it means we will lose your business 

  • Tools for Team Leaders that work!



If all of the above is in alignment with your personal vision, values, and you are looking for a partner to help you create the opportunity to be a part of the movement. CREATING BETTER WORKPLACES… please contact us!

 We will co-create a plan for a better workplace with you and your teams. Contact us at teams@planning101.com or call 312.893.0861



Our Tenets