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The Prime Alchemy Group is a new division of our company. 

What is the one thing your employees want from your company?

Professional Growth and Development

 The Alchemy of  Professional Development

According to a recent Gallup report, 87% of millennials reported that professional development and/or career growth opportunities are significant for selecting and staying with an employer.



I can't find the right people to hire

We can't get them to show up to the interview, let alone the first day of work. HELP!


Strategic Roadmap

"I need an executable plan.  I know where I want to go, but I don't know how to get there.



Our Team stands for something great than ourselves.

MG Pawlak founded Planning101 Group because she saw how painful it was for people at work to get things done and feel they bring value to companies, clients, co-workers, and teams they work with every day. MG knew that there was a better way, so she created Planning101 Group to help provide people with the tools they need to find value and purpose in their work. The P101G team works to develop programs the way people really learn and work. Though Play. Game-based programs that use your work, so you don't have to leave your work behind.

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Do you want to bring humanity back to business?
Call us.


We help you create the strategies to make your business great.


Our Alchemist Business Framework


We help you create a healthier organization by providing individualized solutions to your specific situation—no matter your industry, the size of your organization, or where you are in the world.

Our consulting approach is Experiential learning-based, practical, relevant, and fast.

Core Goal:
Custom Organizational Health 
Organizational Strategy
Succession Planning
Leadership Development
Team Development  
Game-based Instructional Design Services
Diversity of Experience

Custom Organizational Health Quest
Fully leveraging the competitive advantage organizational health offers requires ongoing focus and effort the whole company. Our consultants design and lead unique experiences that will ensure the long-term establishment and adoption of organizational health processes.


So, your company has people that are bringing their whole selves to work and home.





Planning 101 Group Corp.

Romeoville, Il 60446

Tel: 312.893.0861

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