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Are you in search of effective tools to lead your teams or empower your team members? Look no further! At Prime Alchemy, we've got the solutions you've been seeking. Say goodbye to dull PowerPoint presentations and say hello to practical, hands-on tools that will turn your team dreams into reality!

Innovation Kit for Facilitators

Are you a facilitator, trainer, coach, or leader looking to take your workshops, training sessions, and meetings to the next level? Look no further! Our Innovation Kit for Facilitators is there to equip you with everything you need to supercharge your facilitation skills and inspire innovation.
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Our Boxes Benefits

What Makes Our Kit Unique?

Our Innovation Kit isn't just a box; it's a game-changer. Here's What sets us apart:

Comprehensive Tools:
Become a Facilitation Alchemist with the Innovation Kit for Facilitators. Subscribe now!

Each quarterly box comes with a carefully curated selection of tools, games, activity cards and resources. We've got you covered whether you're facilitating a strategic planning session or a team-building workshop.

Thematic Focus:

Our kits follow exciting themes. The first box, for example, revolves around strategic planning activities. You'll find games, activity cards, PDFs with Decks and printables, canvas links, and more--all geared toward strategic excellence.

Exclusive Acess:

Subscribers gain access to a thriving community of like-minded professionals on Facebook and LinkedIn. Here, you can network, share ideas, and discover fun activities to keep the facilitation flame burning between box deliveries.

Our History
Founded over six years ago. Prime Alchemy's goal focuses on creativity, curiosity, and developing ideas that create real change in the world. We are on a mission to change how facilitation is done and measured. Critical thinking is the key to success in the world of the future. Join the movement 
Our Happy Clients
Anna R

"I cannot tell you how much my team appreciates the beautiful box."

Rebecca S.

"If you're thinking about getting this kit; think no more and just do it!  I promise it's the best decision you'll ever have to make."

We offer many different types of assessment tools.  For example ALL Types, Everything DiSC, MBTI, and  Strength finder just to name a few. For more information please contact us at

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