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Murder by meeting

11 things that frustrate people about attending meetings?

  1. Doesn't start on time or finish on time.

  2. No clear purpose or objective; no specific action items or walk-away points

  3. Not inspiring or motivating.

  4. Not organized or no agenda.

  5. The meeting is too long.

  6. Repeating information for late arrivals.

  7. The presenter is monotone and rambles on repeating the same comments and thoughts

  8. Boring

  9. The meeting is information that has been present before i.e. repeated at the last meeting

  10. Meeting for meeting sake. (It’s Monday so we have to have a meeting, even if we have nothing to meet about.)

  11. You could have emailed the information.

Life is too short to be killed by meeting!

Meetings should be an opportunity to connect, learn, encourage, and inspire. So how do you make your meeting better for everyone?

1. Respect your attendees by being prepared, communicating clearly, and valuing their time (Time is a valuable commodity).

2. Don’t read your PowerPoint your attendees can read; think about this, if everything is on the PowerPoint what’s the point of the meeting?

3. Make it about helping them be better as a result of the meeting, not a time to complain about bad behavior.

4. Make your meetings interactive

5. Participate. Don’t just run the meeting be a part of the meeting

6. Keep it short and sweet. If you need more time make it a workshop and make sure everyone knows they need to block out more time. Meetings should be short information sessions.

7. Make it fun

8.Encourage people to ask and answer questions and be a part of the discussion where you can.

9.Be on time, finish on time

10. Remember, murder is a crime! Don’t kill people with meetings the fewer meetings you have the better life will be for everyone and no one will get hurt.

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