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June's Sunday Brunch

In today's Sunday Brunch we will reflect on how you can be Relentless!!!

What does being Relentless mean?

Being relentless is about being persistent, and constant in your life. People don't question how you show up at work, at home or at school. You are all ways the same person. It is also about being personally driven. The willingness to "never give up". It is also about being determined to be in the moment.

Your reflection questions for today are:

How are you showing up in your life? Are you on the sidelines of your own life or are you the main attraction?

What does being relentless mean to you?

Are you willing to follow your dreams, no matter what?

Are you willing to be in the moment when you are with friends, family or colleagues?

These are personal reflections but if you would like to share your thoughts, we would love to hear them on twitter @planning101com

Hope this has been a great Sunday Brunch!

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